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The Starla Stairlift
A Bespoke Stairlift, one and only.

The perfect blend of Comfort, Safety and Style

Many people think that stairlifts are all the same. They haven't seen the Starla, our most customisable stairlift. The perfect example of how a stairlift can be moulded to you.

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What do you get from your Starla?

Whatever your tastes may be, you are sure to find what you’re looking for in a Starla. A bespoke stairlift means that as well as giving you your freedom of movement back, it gives you comfort and safety in your home, while blending in with your décor.

Elegant design

What defines the Starla is its refined elegance. We’re manufacturers, but we’re also designers. We wanted to make something that would look good in your home, and blend in with your furniture, seamlessly. That’s how we got to this design – a design you can mould to become your own. Whether you want a light or dark wooden trim, practical, wipe-clean vinyl upholstery or soft fabric, you can tailor the Starla to your needs.

Superior engineering

The versatility and comfort features of the Starla are only some of the reasons why this chair has helped thousands of people around the world get their independence back. The other reasons are thanks to the hard work of our highly skilled engineers who have put years of research behind the product you see today. The Stannah engineers have made sure that:

  • Your Starla will never let you down, not even in a power cut.
  • Your Starla travel smoothly, quietly up or down your stairs at the push of a button.
  • The footrest, armrests and seat of your bespoke stairlift flip down easily. Once it’s unfolded you’re ready to go.
  • The controllers are easy to use. Use your hand or wrist to push in the direction you want to go and you’re safely on your way.
  • Optional features like the footrest fold button mean that unlike other appliances, there’s no bending or lifting involved at all.
  • You even have the option of getting a Starla that turns on its own at the top or bottom of the stairs to let you off in complete safety.

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Have a look at all the different models of Stannah stairlifts we offer for your stairs. Find out which model best suits your needs.

Would you rather we sent you a free brochure?

Would you rather we sent you a free brochure?

Customise your Starla Stairlift

Only you can design the best stairlift to fit your home


Stannah Starla

Choose the colour and details of your perfect stairlift


chair with light wood finish chair with dark wood finish chair without wood finish


chair with esmerald green fabric chair with yellow fabric chair with brown fabric chair with grey stone fabric chair with red fabric

Type of stair:



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The ultimate stairlift

Our 40 years in stairlift manufacturing have taught us a thing or two about what you’re looking for in a stairlift. Take a look at the features we’ve added to the Starla to make it a stairlift you can count on.

Call button

The Starla comes with 2 intuitive remote control call buttons. If your stairlift is on a different floor, press the button and it’ll come straight to you. It even lights up at night so you’re never stuck.

call button for stairlift

Easy-to-use seatbelt

Our especially designed ergonomic seatbelt can be done up with only one hand and fitted on either armrest of your chair. That means it’s easy to do up, even for arthritic fingers.

seat bealt easy to use

Extra-safe seat

The Starla has an angled seat that pitches you slightly back, making you feel safer on your journeys. The seat also registers pressure, so it won’t move until you’re seated securely.

extra seat safe featur

Most elegant and customisable stairlift

You can customise your Starla stairlift with a range of choices of upholstery - choose the colour, texture and even if you want a light or dark wood trim. It’s sure to match your home.

starla design options

For both straight and curved rails

We’ve seen a lot of staircases in our 150 years in business so we made the highly versatile Starla. It can be fitted whatever your stairs are like - straight, curved, spiral, long or short.

curved or straight stairs

Stairlift edge safety sensors

The Starla comes with safety sensors, placed around the chair and carriage to detect obstacles that could be blocking the way. The chair comes to a quick but gentle stop if it detects anything.

safe stannah sensors
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