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The Midilift Home Lift
A combination of comfort and style

The platform lift with no shaft or motor room

The Midilift home lift provides access over two or more floors, and an array of configurations so you can find the perfect fit for your home. Since it doesn't require a shaft or motor room, it's suitable for new building projects and retrofitting into traditional homes.

A home lift with its own self-supporting structure

Travelling over two or more floors has never been so easy.

The Stannah Midilift provides a solution for higher travel and an increased number of stops at just the touch of a button. More than 80% of the total space the lift takes up is converted into available internal space, making it possible to install the Midilift in spaces where a traditional lift couldn't possibly fit.

Because the Midilift is installed within its own self-supporting structure, it means that it's quick to make and quick to install on site. The external option for this lift also means you have a lift built for outdoors, with a specification to withstand extreme temperatures.

Our Stannah Midilift can run smoothly and efficiently for years, adding a lifetime of value to your home – just think of all the trips upstairs you make carrying awkward loads, all taken care of from now on.

What to expect from your Stannah Midilift

Learn more about the details that make the Midilift home lift the ideal mobility solution for you.

Control panel

The interior control panel includes illuminated pushbuttons easy to use. Outside, a touch of a button on the exterior panel will bring the lift straight to you.

Safety Sensors

Due to its self-supporting structure, the Midilift includes sensors placed inside to ensure your complete safety while it moves to the upper floors.

No shaft or motor room

This lift without motor room or shaft is the perfect answer if you need access to other floors without the bureaucratic complications associated with traditional lifts' installation.

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Emergency exit

For your peace of mind, the Midilift includes a back-up battery pack that allows you to return to the ground floor in the event of a power failure and without having to wait for technical assistance.

Low cost 

Our Midilift stands out for its low energy consumption, using as little as $94 per year on electricity. Thanks to its hydraulic system, it uses energy only on the way up and can be connected to a standard power socket. It also includes energy-saving LED lighting throughout the lift for added comfort.

Customisable options

The Midilift offers you a wide range of customisable options: type of controls, lift-car finishes, lighting, handrails, cladding (if required) and the choice of entrance arrangements, sot it’s easier to fit any space.

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Project support

A service tailored to your project

Our team of mobility experts will visit the place where you wish to have the Stannah Midilift installed and:

  • Assess your mobility needs.
  • Advice you on the best mobility solution considering the available space for the installation.
  • Take the measurements needed for the installation.
  • Obtain licenses (if required).

Manufactured in 8 weeks

Under normal conditions, the Stannah Midilift is manufactured in 8 weeks after the project's approval.

Installation in 5 days

Under normal conditions and considering a 2-floor installation, the Midilift home lift can be installed in 5 days.

Contact us

  • An assessment visit is important and free of charge.

It's the only way to ensure the project's viability, guarantee the installation's success, and provide you with an accurate, no-obligation quote.