Buying a Stairlift

Our aim is to make life easier for you.
So we break the process of buying a stairlift down into 3 simple steps.


Stair Survey

We pay you a visit to assess your stairs and work out how to help you get the most out of your home. Just as we are all unique, each house is different, and so is every stairlift.



Once we’ve agreed on what you want, we give you a free quote on the spot, with no obligations. Then you can think about it and make your decision.



Before you know it, an expert installer will be installing your stairlift. It takes less than a day and they'll make sure you're comfortable using it before they leave.

Rules for buying a Stairlift

Buying and installing a stairlift is not something you do every day. Knowing what you want, and need isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve come up with some simple rules about a stairlift you should follow if you’re thinking about buying a stairlift.

Dont buy a stairlift without expert advice

Your stairlift should fit your home perfectly and adhere to safety regulations matched to your specific stairs.  During the home visit, precise measurements are taken, so that the made to measure stairlift will fit every millimetre of your stairs. Ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride. This visit should also give you the opportunity to ask all question you might have. Ranging from standard features, refurbished stairlifts to possible financial assistance such as medicaids coverage.

Check for stairlift reviews and top rated companies

Always look at all the possibilities, check out different companies and read online reviews from third independent parties like Homestars. Pay attention to the little details, so that you’re sure you know exactly what they’re offering. Familiarize yourself with what’s out there before you decide, that way you’ll be sure to choose the right stairlift model for you, in your own time.

stairlift assessment

Stairlift Consumer's Guide

Consider important standard features and your surroundings

Buying a stairlift isn’t just about your staircase being indoors or outdoors, straight or curved. It’s about you and your specific needs and how a stairlift model is tailored to meet them. Think about what standard features are included, the kind of rail system you’ll need. For example, if you have a door at the end or beginning of your stairs you might need a retractable rail, so the stairlift rail won’t block the usage of that door. But if sitting down and getting back up is painful or difficult, you might benefit from a stairlift that allows you to use the stairs half-standing. Another feature you should consider is the weight capacity of your stairlift; it’s important to consider this aspect so you know your stairlift will take you safely up and down the stairs.

During a commitment-free home visit, our sales consultant does a user assessment to see which chair and which features would best suit you. This makes your stairlift as comfortable as possible to use.

Choose a stairlift company you can trust

Make sure you choose a stairlift company that is recognized as meeting both national and international standards. The Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists is focused on quality care and client-centered solutions that make daily living activities easier. We are proud to be the exclusive stairlift holder of the CAOT seal of recognition.

Make sure the stairlift company you choose is also accredited by official organisations by checking their Awards and Accreditations page.

Know whats included in your stair lift costs

When you get your free quote, you need to know that it covers:

  • A free home visit to analyze your needs
  • A stairlift model made to fit you and your home
  • Quick, clean and easy installation of your stairlift by a professional installer
  • This means: no extra installation costs
  • After sales care, including a call-out service

Always check the warranty

Make sure critical components such as the motor, gearbox, and rail benefit from lifetime or extended warranties, you will avoid possible hazardous situations, help saving money, and ensure the peace of mind that you can count on your stairlift whenever you need it.

Know the terms of the call-out service and aftercare services

Don’t accept anything else than a nation-wide coverage when it comes to the terms of stairlift maintenance and call-out service. Stannah and its dealers offer call-out service. To anywhere in Australia. You need to know that on the off-chance anything goes wrong, someone can be there to help you. Whenever you need them. Consider all the aftercare services the stairlift manufacture you buy your stairlift from has to offer.

Consider the types of stairs

The form of your staircase is crucial when it comes to buying and installing a stairlift. This is especially important for the rails. A straight staircase will need a straight rail system, a curved staircase or a staircase with landings will need a rail that bends and curves the same way as your stairs do. Remember, a stairlift should be a mobility device that makes your life easier, safer and more comfortable.

straight stairs stairlift

Straight Stairlifts

A practical, elegant way of navigating your stairs, a straight stairlift takes you up and down effortlessly. Guaranteeing a safe and comfortable use of your stairs.

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stairlift for curved staircases

Curved Stairlifts

A curved stair lift helps you to save energy for the things that make you happy. Imagine how far the energy you’re using getting up and down the stairs could take you.

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stairlift for outdoor stairs

Outdoor Stairlifts

Whether there are steps up to your front door, out to your back garden, down to a garage or round to a patio, we can make the spaces you love accessible again.

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stannah technical assistance

How is a stairlift fitted?

Because all types of stairlifts are fitted to the stairs and not the wall, no major home modifications are needed and they’re quick and easy to install. Support legs are screwed into the stairs for maximum safety. Once it’s installed, make sure an expert installer takes the time to show you how it works and won’t leave the house until you’re happy and comfortable using your new stairlift. We know we always do.

Stairlift installations:

  • Have NO extra installation costs: All you pay for is your stairlift
  • Are QUICK: It only takes a couple of hours to install a stairlift
  • CLEAN: Our technicians make sure they clean up any dust from the installation before they leave

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