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We want you to know you’re making the right decision when you choose to buy a Stannah stairlift.

We pride ourselves on giving you customer service that goes above and beyond what you would expect. You need to know you’re safe with us, because then and only then can you experience the boundless freedom and peace of mind that comes with buying a stairlift.

Our trusted dealer gives you free personalised advice, a no-obligation quote, and information you can trust. From Sydney to Darwin and everywhere in between, we’re here to help.

If you’re interested in buying a stairlift, call our trusted dealers to book a free home survey so that Stannah-certified advisers can meet you. They measure your stairs and advise you on the best option for your home. That’s when they give you a free, no-obligation quote. You always have time to consider your options. We want you to be sure.

If you ever have any questions, however big or small, we’re just a phone call away. Let us know how we can help.

We’re always working to become more efficient and improve as a company, so if you have any advice or feedback, give us a call or message and tell us what you think. We’d love to hear from you!