Technical Assistance: the people you call for maintenance or stairlift repairs

Is something not as it should be with your stairlift? Give us a call and we’ll help you get moving again.

You’ve experienced the complete freedom a stairlift gives you. You know how much more energy you have now that you don’t use it all up on your stairs, but you notice that something’s not quite right. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you get moving again in no time.

Give us a call

Your stairlift was built to last decades. We tested it and made sure that it could carry you the distance of the moon and back before we installed it in your house. Chances are it’s a quick fix.

Our troubleshooting tips below might help you, take a look at them. However, if you don’t feel comfortable following the tips, do give us a call. It might be possible to give you a solution on the phone, but if it isn’t, we’ll have a technician come and help you as soon as possible. Our technicians are spread all around the country, they’ll come and have a look at your stairlift, and before you know it, it’ll be back up and running again.


In the unlikely event that you’re having an issue with your stairlift, these troubleshooting tips may help you resolve it straight away.

Please note that before you try to troubleshoot any of the problems listed below, make sure you are doing so from a safe position and if necessary, ask for assistance.

My stairlift won’t move

The power light is off:
  • Check that the master power switch is on (it’s usually located under the seat on the carriage, either at the back or front).
  • Check if the on/off switch is on (it’s usually located on the arm of your chair).
  • Check that the key is inserted and turned to the on position (it’s usually located under the seat on the carriage, either on the front or side).
If the power light is on:
  • Check whether there is anything in the way of the safety edges – if there is, move the stairlift in the opposite direction of the obstruction, remove the obstruction and then continue your journey up or down.
  • Check that the chair is fully swivelled back to its travelling position and that the swivel levers are in the correct position.
  • If you have a hinged rail make sure the rail is fully lowered and locked in position.
If your stairlift still doesn’t move:
  • Turn the power key to the off position and then back on again.
  • Move and hold the control in the direction of travel for a few seconds after which the stairlift should start again.
  • If the stairlift still doesn’t work at this point it’s best to call your local dealer.

My stairlift is beeping:

Your stairlift will beep if the batteries are not being charged.

  • Check if the wall switch is switched on.
  • Check if the power has not tripped.
  • Check if the stairlift is parked correctly at the bottom or top of the stairs.
  • If you have checked these things and your stairlift continues to beep switch your stairlift off and call your local branch.

My remote control doesn’t work:

  • Check and if necessary replace the batteries.

My automatic swivel doesn’t work:

  • It’s best to call your local branch. Use the manual swivel levers under the seat in the meantime.

My hinge or retractable rail doesn’t work:

  • Call your branch or supplier. If the rail is causing an obstruction you can raise the rail manually by grasping the underside of the rail.

Top tips

  • It’s always a good idea to ask someone else to be around to help you troubleshoot.
  • If you are home alone, we always recommend that you carry a mobile phone with you so you can alert others if you need help.
  • If your stairlift stops on the stairs, it’s best to stay in the chair and see if you can restart it or call for some help. If you do have to get out, make sure you can do so safely, take it slowly and ideally have someone to help you.
  • Keep your local branch or supplier number handy or saved in your phone for emergencies.