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The Siena Stairlift
Best Stairlift for Narrow Stairs

A compact stairlift sure to fit you and your home, customizable to fit whatever you want and need

Best stairlift for narrow and steep stairs. Different seat widths, longer arms, and a curved seat back ensure you're as comfortable and safe as you should be, even on the narrowest of stairs.

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What do you get from your Siena?

Our 150 years of experience in the lift industry means that we have had lots of time to perfect our product. The little features we’ve added to your stairlift are what make you feel safer and more confident. It’s this feeling that’ll convince you you’re getting the best value for your money.

A Fresh design

The Siena’s fresh design is clean, compact and simple. Its vinyl upholstery is easy to clean and practical for everyday living and its longer arms are designed to make you feel as safe as possible. What defines the Siena stairlift is its simplicity and practicality.

When you choose the Siena, you get a choice of several colors of non-flammable vinyl upholstery, allowing you to put your own spin on your stairlift. After all, we want it to slot seamlessly into your home and your life, making every day easier. Siena stairlift was designed in a compact size, and every part of it, from the arm and footrests to the seat itself, folds away neatly, making the Siena the perfect stairlift for narrow staircases, no matter the type of stairs you have: straight, curved or with landings, indoors or outdoors. Once it’s installed you won’t know what you did without it.

Innovative engineering

The simplicity and practical features of the Siena compact stairlift are only some of the reasons why this chair has helped thousands of people around the world get their independence back. The other reasons are thanks to the hard work of our highly trained engineers who have put years of research into the product you get today. The Stannah engineers have made sure that:

  • Your Siena will keep moving, even in a power outage
  • Your Siena is always ready to go because the seat and armrests flip down in one easy action
  • Your stairlift is discreet as it glides smoothly, quietly up or down your stairs at the push of a lever
  • There’s no bending or lifting involved at all thanks to standard features like the footrest fold button
  • The controllers are intuitive. Use your hand or wrist to push in the direction you want to go and you’re safely on your way
  • You even have the option of getting a Siena that turns automatically at the top or the bottom of the stairs to let you off in complete safety

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Would you rather we sent you a free brochure?

Would you rather we sent you a free brochure?

Key features of your Siena stairlift

From different widths of seat to different colours of upholstery, once it’s installed you will never believe that the Siena wasn’t there all along. Take a look at what else makes the Siena the most adaptable stairlift in our range and the best stairlift for narrow stairs.

Perfect for straight or curved stairs

The rail your stairlift needs is determined by the shape of your stairs, but no matter what their shape is - straight, curved or spiral - a Siena chair can be installed in your house.

best option stairlift

A wider seat for added comfort

A rounded back and wider seat and are just a few of the features that make the Siena a simple yet sturdy chair. It was designed to help you feel as comfortable as possible.

stairlift with wider seat

Ideal Stairlift for Narrow Stairs

The Siena is a great option for narrower staircases. It has a curved seatback, allowing you to sit further back in the seat, so that your knees don’t stick out and knock against anything.

stairlifts for narrow stairs

Longer armrests

The armrests of the Siena are longer than our other models. They’re perfect for leaning on for a bit of added support and make you feel more stable as you get in and out of the chair.

longer armrests

Fitted with batteries

Your Siena will keep you moving even in the event of a power cut. When all your other appliances let you down, the battery fitted in your Stannah stairlift will keep it going.

Stannah Siena will keep you moving

An intuitive seat belt

Your Siena comes with an easy-to-use, retractable seat belt, fitted to the arms of the chair. That means easy access and no fiddling with clasps - you can do it up with just one hand.

seat belt
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