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The Sadler Stairlift
Best Standing Stairlift

If sitting down and getting back up is painful or difficult, the Sadler is just what you need

Designed specifically for people with limited flexibility in their hips, knees and back, the Stannah Sadler is a completely different concept in stairlift design. 

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What do you get from your Sadler?

The Standing Stairlift Sadler is a new concept in stairlift design. When it comes to your comfort, we know a normal chair doesn’t offer the support you need to really help you get your house back in comfort and safety. If you have reduced mobility or flexibility in your back, hips, or knees, the Sadler could be the right option for you.

Unique design

We designed the Sadler to be the midpoint between sitting and standing. It supports your weight, taking strain off your knees, hips and back but you’re in a near-standing position. You can perch on the seat and float up your stairs comfortably. The ease of the especially-designed Sadler seat means riding your stairlift is a pleasurable experience from start to finish. And you always feel safe. We adjust the seat to your height, and for added security, the lift won’t move until its retractable seat belt is done up. Sadler is the perfect standing stair lift for the elderly or anyone with reduced flexibility.

Engineering that goes the extra mile

The Sadler is the result of a perfect blend of top class engineering with ongoing medical research, helping make your life that much more comfortable. Our research helped us identify a common problem, and our highly skilled engineers designed the perfect solution. It’s also thanks to our highly-trained engineers that:

  • The Sadler’s controllers are intuitive. Use your hand or wrist to push in the direction you want to go and you’re safely on your way
  • Our ergonomic seat belt is easy to use. You can fasten and unfasten it with one hand and you don’t need to reach behind you to find the fastener because it’s positioned on the arm rest
  • For added security, the Sadler won’t move until the easy-to-do-up seat belt is done up (unless you’re moving it with the remote)
  • Unlike other stairlifts, the Sadler parks on a landing. No swivelling necessary. When you get to the top of your stairs, the Sadler will stop on the very top step
  • You’ll never be stuck. If your chair is on a different floor you can call it with a wall-mounted remote control
  • It’ll even keep going in a power cut. The Sadler is fitted with batteries, so even if your other appliances let you down your stairlift will keep you moving

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Would you rather we sent you a free brochure?

Would you rather we sent you a free brochure?

Benefits of the Standing Stairlift Sadler

Stannah is dedicated to providing you with the best solutions out there. We do ongoing medical research, with input from physiotherapists and orthopaedic doctors, which we are proud to have put into practice with this unique design. The Sadler is a perfect example of how this research is helping make thousands of peoples’ lives easier every day.

A Stand-up chair

With the Sadler you’re neither sitting nor standing. The weight is taken off your hips, knees and back, without you having to lower yourself into the chair. Easy in, easy out.

stand-up chair for climbing stairs

Seat assistance

The Sadler offers support as you get on and off the seat. It reclines gently as you sit down, offering you extra support, and helps you straighten back up by tilting back up with you.

seat assistance on stairlift sadler

Non-slip seat

The Sadler was designed to support you in an upright position. To make you feel safer, soft ridges were added to the seat for extra grip so you won’t budge an inch as you travel.

designed to support you in an upright position

Adjustable seat height

The seat of the Sadler is regulated to your height when it’s installed. It’ll always be in the right position for you to use your stairlift with minimal effort and independence in your own home.

Stannah stairlift with adjustable seat height

Easy folding

No need to bend over. Folding the arms of the Sadler automatically folds the footrest up. That means it can be folded away neatly in minimal effort, with one simple action.

folding armrests of a stairlift

Narrow stairs

The Sadler is ideal for the narrowest of stairs. Since you’re not sitting, your knees won’t knock against anything. If you can stand on your stairs, a Sadler can be fitted on them.

Stannah Sadler option for narrow stairs
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