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Stannah Stairlifts in Australia’s Northern Territory
How to find your perfect stairlift

If you’re looking for stairlifts in the Northern Territory, contact our trusted dealer today. Their capable advisors are standing by to help you.

A Stannah Stairlift will enable you to take back the control of your stairs.  Our experienced dealer in the Northern Territory provides free, personalised advice on which stairlift is the perfect option  to help you get moving again. Don’t put it off any longer and take action today.

Stannah has sold over 750.000 stairlifts worldwide. It all began in London in 1868, today, the family’s fifth generation leads the company further into the future, taking the business around the world, to over 40 countries spread over 5 continents.

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P.R.King & Sons

P.R.King & Sons

P.R. King & Sons

P.R. King and Sons has been a family-owned and operated business since 1920. With nearly a century of experience, they’re dedicated to improving Australians’ quality of life across the country and helping customers stay in the homes they love. P.R. King and Sons has been Stannah’s trusted dealer for over 20 years, offering local customers Stannah’s full range of stairlifts. They have also proven to be experts in both the installation and maintenance of all Stannah Stairlifts’ models, upholding Stannah’s highest standard of quality and reliability. aaaa

  • Opening hours: 8am - 4pm
  • Monday to Friday
  • This dealer also offers reconditioned stairlifts
  • This dealer has a showroom near you

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Your Stannah Stairlift won’t let you down, even in a power outage

People are often concerned about what happens to their stairlift in case of a power cut. You can rest assured that your Stannah will bring you safely to where you want to go, always. Stannah Stairlifts run on mains and on batteries. This means that in case of a power cut, the batteries will take over. The batteries charge automatically when the stairlift is stopped at its charging point. Even if the power cut takes a while, the batteries will last for a few trips up and down your stairs. You will therefore never get “stuck” in the middle of your stairs, we made sure of that.

Stannah is the manufacturer and supplier

Each of our stairlifts is customised to meet your needs. That means that all of the parts for your stairlift are made by Stannah. This is how we guarantee your stairlift is manufactured to the highest possible standards. From start to finish, your stairlift is designed and manufactured for your stairs and your needs. In Australia, our trusted dealers will install your stairlift in less than a day, always abiding by the same quality standards that we do. You can count on a stairlift that has benefited from 150  years of experience!