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3 Types of stairlifts and how to choose the right one for you

Written by Stannah on 15/03/2022

Pointing out the differences between the different stairlifts types out there is not always easy since they’re all supposed to do the same thing – to transport you safely up and down the stairs. But if you look more closely at some of these stairlifts’ features, the materials used to manufacture them, and the stairs […]

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How is a stairlift installed?

How is a stairlift installed?

Written by Stannah on 09/02/2022

A stairlift’s doesn’t require remodelling or extensive building work. Still, there are a few things you need to consider before the installation. Are you planning to install a stairlift in your home? Congratulations, you’re one step closer to regaining your independence and freedom of movement. People with reduced mobility find that a chairlift can be […]

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A Guide on How to Clean Stairlifts

Written by Stannah on 20/10/2021

Going up and down the stairs can be exhausting and, in some cases, can lead to falls and serious injuries. Senior citizens and people with mobility challenges now have a safe way to overcome this obstacle – using the stairlift. There are numerous stairlift models available in the market, but you can usually tell them […]

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Are stairlift safe and what should you look out for?

Written by Stannah on 21/09/2021

Are stairlifts safe? Yes, not only are stairlift safe, they keep you autonomous by eliminating the stairs as a potential hazard. Stairlifts were designed for those with reduced mobility to continue to use the stairs independently. Avoiding you having to move house due to such a trivial thing as a staircase. You might be a […]

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Low-cost alternatives to homelifts or elevators

Written by Stannah on 23/02/2021

Nowadays, more and more people are determined to grow old in their own homes and will go to great lengths to postpone or avoid the possibility of moving to a nursing home or even having to move to a flat altogether. Consequently, there is a growing demand for lifts’ installation in single-family homes to overcome […]

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about stannah stairlifts

Stairlifts: The Complete Guide 2020

Written by Stannah on 20/05/2020

Stairlifts are a cost-effective way to make your home safer and more accessible. Whether you’re ageing in place, planning for the future or recovering from an injury, a stairlift offers access and sustainable independence in your home at an affordable price. Learn more about the different types of stairlifts, their benefits, stairlift installations, warranties and […]

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straight stairlift rails

Stairlift Rails

Written by Stannah on 28/03/2020

If you’re considering a stairlift, one of the first things to think about is how it will fit on your stairs. How is the rail secured? How far does the rail stick out past the bottom stair? What is the rail length? Can it go around corners? What if you have a door at the […]

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choosing a new lift

Stairlift, home elevator or platform lift?

Written by Stannah on 17/03/2020

If stairs have started to become a problem for you or a loved one, you may be looking for a solution. However, you’ve realized there are lots of different options to consider – so, which one do you choose? We’re here to help. Although any of the three options would help you or your loved […]

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