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Our trusted dealers install your stairlift throughout Western Australia. Call today and get yours installed in no time.

From  Perth to Onslow, to Mt Magnet and Laverton, our dealers are standing by to help you regain your independence. Wherever you are in Western Australia, our experienced dealers will be able to install your made to measure stairlift in just a few hours.

When struggling with your stairs, it’s important to feel safe again and have a stairlift from a safe and reliable company you can trust. Our dealers offer commitment free stairlift advice, so why not ask the experts? Call today, and schedule your commitment-free stair survey and get your  customised quote.

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Bluesky Healthcare

Bluesky Healthcare

Bluesky Healthcare

Since 2001, Bluesky Healthcare has been a leading provider of quality and stylish mobility equipment dedicated to helping Australian’s enjoy a better quality of life. Our extensive range of mobility products are specifically designed and manufactured to help you maintain your independence while at the same time giving you a safer enjoyment of your home.

  • Mon – Fri: 8:00am – 4:00pm
  • Saturday: 9:00am – 12:00pm
P.R.King & Sons

P.R.King & Sons

P.R. King & Sons

P.R. King and Sons has been a family-owned and operated business since 1922. With nearly a century of experience, they’re dedicated to improving Australians’ quality of life across the country and helping customers stay in the homes they love. P.R. King and Sons has been Stannah’s trusted dealer for over 20 years, offering local customers Stannah’s full range of stairlifts. They have also proven to be experts in both the installation and maintenance of all Stannah Stairlifts’ models, upholding Stannah’s highest standard of quality and reliability.

  • Opening hours: 8am - 4pm
  • Monday to Friday
  • This dealer also offers reconditioned stairlifts
  • This dealer has a showroom near you

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Would you like to try out a Stannah stairlift in one of Australia’s Showrooms?

A stairlift is not an everyday purchase, maybe you’ve never tried one and are curious to do so before you can make a decision. And that’s exactly what our Western Australia dealers’ showroom can do for you. Our dealers give you the possibility to try out the various models on display. This is also a perfect opportunity to look at all our stairlifts fabric and trim options. Make your stairlift your own, so it also looks good in your home . Call today and find the showroom  nearest you.

The Stannah difference

Stannah has given more than 700.000 people worldwide their independence back. We are a 150-year-old company with over 40 years of stairlift experience and we have come all this way because we stay true to our family values, which are an essential part of what we stand for. This is only possible because we take pride in providing an excellent product that meets our customer’s  highest expectations. All of our stairlifts and stairlift parts are manufactured by us, this is the only way we can guarantee the highest quality on the market. Our dealers are selected for sharing these same standards and will provide you with information you can trust and deliver excellent, personalised advice. Request your free stair survey today and experience it for yourself.