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Stannah Stairlifts in Victoria
How to find the best stairlift in the Garden State

For your stairlift in Victoria, contact Stannah today. Our helpful advisors are standing by to give you the advice you need.

Our goal is to help you find the right stairlift –  one that suits your home and meets your mobility needs. Stannah offers free consultations throughout Victoria, and can supply stairlift options based on your physical requirements and the shape of your staircase. 

Stannah has been a family-owned and operated business for over 150 years. The values that made Stannah a world leader in stairlift manufacturing continue to guide us and our trusted dealers. 

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P.R.King & Sons

P.R.King & Sons

P.R. King & Sons

P.R. King and Sons has been a family-owned and operated business since 1920. With nearly a century of experience, they’re dedicated to improving Australians’ quality of life across the country and helping customers stay in the homes they love. P.R. King and Sons has been Stannah’s trusted dealer for over 20 years, offering local customers Stannah’s full range of stairlifts. They have also proven to be experts in both the installation and maintenance of all Stannah Stairlifts’ models, upholding Stannah’s highest standard of quality and reliability. aaaa

  • Opening hours: 8am - 4pm
  • Monday to Friday
  • This dealer also offers reconditioned stairlifts
  • This dealer has a showroom near you

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Safety is an absolute top priority for Stannah

When designing our stairlifts, the Stannah engineers make sure all of our stairlift models meet the highest international health and safety standards. We understand the importance of feeling safe in your home and on your stairs, we have therefore made sure you will. Not only are the stairlifts fitted with active safety features, such as the ergonomic seat belt, which can be easily fasten with just one hand or even wrist, they also come with passive safety features such as 10 safety sensors that are placed below the carriage and will make the stairlift come to a gentle but immediately stop in case of an obstacle on your stairs. Stannah will make you feel comfortable and safe again when using your stairs.

Stannah Stairlifts are made to match your home and needs

There's a lot of advice out there about stairlifts. However, each of our stairlifts is customised to meet your needs. That means that in order to find the right stairlift for you, you need personalised advice, from someone who has taken the time to listen to you. When you call us, we'll schedule a stair assessment, where an advisor will come to your house to measure the stairs and discuss your options. They know the right questions to ask to find out which stairlift is right for you, and they measure your stairs to find out what would be the best fit. Then, and only then, can they give you advice tailored to your unique needs. Call us now to schedule your stair survey and get the right advice for you.