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battery powered stairlift

Stairlift Batteries, discover everything you need to know .

Written by Stannah on 18/09/2019

Yes. Stairlifts run on batteries that receive a constant charge from the main power supply; this is the case for both curved and straight stairlifts. Stannah stairlifts employ a battery-powered rack and pinion drive system that is continuously being charged by a nearby outlet at the top or bottom of your stairs. This means all […]

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Curved Stairlift Dimensions

Stairlift Dimensions

Written by Stannah on 08/08/2019

For those considering a stairlift to address their mobility struggles, one of the most common concerns is how the stairlift will fit on their stairs and in their home. So, is a stairlift feasible? Let’s explore some stairlift dimensions and specifications to find out! Stairlifts: A Practical Mobility Solution Before we get started, let’s make […]

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old lady in a staircase with a stairlift

When is the right time to buy a stairlift?

Written by Stannah on 02/07/2019

What happens when a staircase is no longer an ally in your journey, but a recurrent reminder of your physical limitations? Stairs can have so many shapes and forms. They can form straight or spiral staircases, be indoors or outdoors, and you can build them for practical reasons, for the way they’ll look, or both. […]

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Sustainability Stannah

Stannah Stairlifts: Elevating Sustainability since 1867

Written by Stannah on 18/05/2019

On World Environment Day, let’s imagine you were back in the 19th century, when most people could only buy or trade local, seasonal, organic products, usually supplied in re-used wicker bags! Or simply imagine how it was to buy products that were meant to last a lifetime, through an endless process of repair or reconditioning? […]

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chair lift for stairs options

Stairlift Options

Written by Stannah on 26/04/2019

How to choose the right stairlift options for your home What sorts of stair lift options do you need? It all depends on you. While Stannah offers a range of stair lift models for straight stairs, stairs that turn and outdoor staircases, most of our stair lifts have the additional benefit of added optional features. […]

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